I am a data analyst, professional digital image retoucher, photographer, researcher, and aspiring home coffee roaster.

This is a personal website for my data visualizations, personal photography, reading notes, and musings about life.If you are looking for my professional image retouching work, then head over to Piloti Photo.

I started making images in 1996 in college and never stopped, even though most of my full-time jobs have not been in photography. Much of my career has been in research.


After nine years researching human behavior, terrorism, and culture for the military intelligence community I returned to school to study philosophy and social theory. My personal work is heavily influenced by these experiences.

My recent interests are actually a return to the kind of research I did for the military: data analysis and visualization, but this time I am teaching myself the R programming language to improve my statistics skills and am using Tableau Public and other free data visualization tools to improve my presentations and share freely with the public.

Photo and data visualization work is found under the portfolios links above.